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Oral Conscious Sedation...

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Conscious Sedation is a method  to lessen the anxiety of having a dental procedure. The patient usually remembers little of the experience. There are no needles in your arm. Providing Conscious Sedation in New York State requires extra training beyond the Dental license, and a special permit issued by the state.

What Oral Conscious Sedation is good for.

Conscious sedation is good for those patients that are very fearful. Conscious sedation is considered a very safe procedure for healthy patients that are otherwise too afraid to go to the dentist. If you have been too frightened to go to the dentist, then Conscious Sedation may be for you.

What Oral Conscious Sedation is not...

It does not put you to sleep.

It does not 'knock you out'.

It is not good for people that are not healthy enough for anesthesia unless they are hospitalized.


The Oral Conscious Sedation Procedure.

With the exception of diabetics and people with certain other medical conditions, you must have nothing to eat after midnight, the night before the procedure. You will be given a medication to take that night when you go to bed. You must have someone drive you to the appointment, and pick you up afterwards. You may not drive the day of the appointment.

Conscious Sedation appointments are usually first thing in the morning. When you come for the appointment, a medication will be placed under your tongue, and you may be given a medication to drink. There will not be any IV's or needles in your arm, although we will inject a little local anesthetic in your mouth to assure that you feel no pain. Usually there is a wait of about an hour for the sedation to take its full effect. You will likely feel relaxed and a little groggy during the procedure. After the procedure, you should plan on remaining home to allow the effects of the anesthesia to wear off.